Northwestern Mutual

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Researchers continue to gather data from social media and other sources to assess information for businesses, universities and maybe public policy. And guess what? Some of the data may be about you. 

A forum Wednesday in Milwaukee looked at whether enough ethical standards are in place to protect the public.

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Along with many Lincoln Memorial Drive commuters, architecture critic Tom Bamberger has noticed the near-completion of the Northwestern Mutual Tower. Although apprehensive about previous projects in Milwaukee, Bamberger told Lake Effect's Bonnie North why he thinks this one is a "thoughtful" and "rigorous" stunner. 

"It's really a visual statement," says Bamberger.

In discussing the intentional nature of Milwaukee's newest skyscraper, Bamberger highlights the importance of planning for function and symbolism. 

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Northwestern Mutual hopes to purchase the O’Donnell parking garage and the public park space on top of it from Milwaukee County.

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It’s public knowledge that Northwestern Mutual would like to buy O’Donnell Park and its parking garage from Milwaukee County. 

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The county board lobbed the issue back and forth Thursday; only to defer a vote until its December meeting.

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The park might be better known for its parking garage than the green space on top.

Under the plan county leaders and Northwestern Mutual have discussed, the company would pay $12.7 million for the lakefront garage.

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NML is in the midst of dismantling one of its main buildings in downtown Milwaukee – and replacing it with a skyscraper. Within months, nearly 150 city residents could find themselves working on the project.

Crews will disassemble the tall, brown Northwestern Mutual office building. Afterwards, construction will begin on its 32-story replacement.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual released sketches Wednesday of its planned high rise in downtown Milwaukee. In December, crews will demolish the office building now on the site.

Northwestern Mutual

The insurance giant Northwestern Mutual wants to build a $400 million office tower, that would be at least 30 stories tall, on the corner of Cass and Mason, in downtown Milwaukee. It would replace a 16-story building from the 1970s.