Pretzel Podcast

Strength Through Pretzels

Jun 17, 2019
Michelle Maternowski

Co-hosts Mitch and Michelle talk with the owners of two pretzel companies — one packed with protein and another that calls itself "the people's pretzel." And, Mitch finds himself making some pretzel news.

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Trademarked Crunch Time

May 24, 2019
Michelle Maternowski

Co-hosts Michelle and Mitch make their triumphant return to Chicago and the 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo. While they're on-site, they learn which company may have "inadvertently" been influenced by The Pretzel Podcast. Plus, they hear the story of a serendipitous meeting at last year's expo that yielded a surprisingly tasty result.

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Touring Pretzeltopia

Apr 26, 2019
Michelle Maternowski

Who would have thought that National Pretzel Day is upon us again already?  Or is it National Soft Pretzel Day?  Mitch and Michelle dig into that question, and also learn about a place that goes against the grain and celebrates its own Pretzel Day.  Plus, a tour of a grocery store with more varieties of pretzel than you can shake a pretzel stick at, and two new varieties of seasoned pretzels are put to the test.

Pretzels for God, Pretzels for Lent

Mar 6, 2019
J. Paul Getty Museum open content program

Just in time for Lent, the Pretzel Podcast uncovers the details behind a 1970s movement that sought to harness the godly power of pretzels.  We meet writer and recovering anthropologist Shoshi Parks, who penned an article on the Pretzels for God movement for Gastro Obscura.  Plus, Michelle shares the story of her husband's first successful efforts to make high quality pretzels at home.  And on Crunch Time, Mitch and Michelle try Unique Pretzel's ne

Treats of Philadelphia

Feb 20, 2019
Mitch Teich

For Episode 20, Pretzel Podcast co-host Mitch Teich goes on location to Philadelphia, where he meets up with one of the show's biggest fans at Center City Pretzel.  The bakery plays a huge role in the pretzel-loving lives of thousands of Philadelphians.  Plus Mitch and Michelle try some hard pretzels purchased at Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market.  And we hear a delicious pretzel memory from a woman who went to elementary school in South Philly.

Michelle Maternowski

Following our New Year's break, the Pretzel Podcast is back with another trip to Europe, courtesy of Michelle's Aunt Linda.  We try two brands of Slovakian pretzels and a German snack called "Gypsy Wheels" all direct from a Polish grocery store - plus some Polish pretzels brought back from a German Christmas market in Milwaukee.  Also, Mitch relates his family's effort to make German New Year's Pretzels.  And we use an online snacking calculator to figure out how many bags of snacks Michelle might need to feed an experimental carnival party, whatever that might be.

Jughead & Christmas Crackers

Dec 21, 2018
Mitch Teich

On our last episode of the Pretzel Podcast for 2018, Mitch and Michelle share the story of the daring rescue of a deer from a pretzel jar.  The hosts of America's Test Kitchen, Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster, share their pretzel memories and a hockey game sparks a decades-old pretzel flashback.  And on Crunch Time, we try to decide whether three brands of pretzel crackers are more pretzel, more cracker, or more cardboard.

A Yogurt-Coated Mess

Nov 20, 2018
Mitch Teich

On a pre-Thanksgiving edition of the Pretzel Podcast, Mitch and Michelle explore the mystery that is "yogurt-coated" pretzels.  They ask a food scientist whether the yogurt coating in any way resembles the yogurt we eat in small cups at breakfast, learn about a new project that combines pretzel-making with beer brewing.  And as they try two coated pretzel brands, they ask whether a pretzel can truly be "versatile," or whether that's just an annoying word that shows up on packaging.

That's No Lye

Oct 22, 2018
Michelle Maternowski

On the latest episode of the Pretzel Podcast, Michelle and Mitch travel to Pretzel Land, at least as it's imagined by the developers of a new pretzel-themed app. Plus, Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras shares a pretzel memory he shares with his young son. And we taste three varieties of pretzels shared with us by a very generous listener in Pennsylvania.

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38 Minutes On The Dot

Oct 5, 2018
Michelle Maternowski

On a very special episode of The Pretzel Podcast, we speak with Dorothy "Dot" Henke of Velva, North Dakota, who turned a turned a likable recipe for seasoned pretzels into a booming national business, Dot's Homestyle Pretzels. Will Dot's Pretzels take over the universe? Will Dot's Pretzels advertise in next year's Super Bowl? Journey with us to find the compelling answers about these compelling pretzels...

A Pretz-istential Crisis

Sep 11, 2018
Michelle Maternowski

The latest episode of the Pretzel Podcast is an international epic, as Mitch and Michelle talk with a German master pastry chef. She tells them about the German Pretzel Diploma program at an upcoming trade show in Germany, but also sparks an existential crisis that requires a philosopher to resolve. And on crunch time, they try pretzels made of spelt and cauliflower, and hopefully live to tell the tale.

Bachman-Terrell Overdrive

Aug 23, 2018
Michelle Maternowski

On this episode of the Pretzel Podcast, Mitch and Michelle sample two more pretzel varieties Mitch came across on his summer travels, and listen to a Very Special Taste Test recorded on the road, featuring a possibly ill-advised fast food pretzel purchase.

Plus, our hosts check this week’s Pretzels in the News, only to find out they themselves are featured on Pretzels in the News. And what's the pretzel product the Center for Science in the Public Interest really hates?

Bretzels de France

Jul 25, 2018
Mitch Teich

It's a special edition of Le podcast des bretzels, Mitch and Michelle try two varieties of pretzels Mitch brought back from his week-long trip to France. Plus on Pretzels in the News, how support for a pretzel-maker is affecting the prospect for peace in the Middle East.

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Kimmie & The Snappers

Jun 22, 2018
Michelle Maternowski

Pretzels + Caramel + Podcasting = a very sticky episode of the Pretzel Podcast. Hosts Michelle and Mitch try several pretzel concoctions they recently encountered on their pretzel travels. And on Pretzels in the News, we learn about a pretzel festival lacking a key ingredient.

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Overwhelmed by Pretzels

Jun 6, 2018

Hosts Michelle and Mitch head to Chicago for the Sweets and Snacks Expo, where they find a plethora of snacks - especially pretzels. That's where they meet Brad Smith, who tells his remarkable story of keeping a southern Indiana pretzel tradition alive.

Tell City Pretzels being hand twisted: