public art

Maayan Silver

There’s graffiti or unsanctioned street art, and then there’s public art.

Sometimes the lines are blurred, sometimes it’s very clear which is which. But as cities around the country try to reduce vandalism, they are enlisting artists to make sanctioned public art and create spaces that not only replace the blight, but engage the communities they are in.

A Ghost Train is Coming to Shorewood

May 2, 2016
Shorewood Historical Society

In 1935, Fred Astaire’s Cheek to Cheek was the most popular song in America. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president. A new house cost around $3,500. And between Chicago and Minneapolis, racing right through Shorewood, what was then the fastest train in the nation started its daily trips.

Tom Bamberger

Historically, Milwaukee’s public projects – from the Bronze Fonz to The Calling (the sculpture at the end of Wisconsin Avenue) - have not been without their controversy.