Milwaukee may be known for its beer, both brewed and consumed, but few people really understand the inner workings of the local industry. As several industries are taking a more critical approach to gender equity, a group is trying to bring more women into brewing. The Pink Boots Society was started in 2007 by master brewer Terri Fahrendorft after she took a road trip to 70 breweries across the country.

'Milwaukee Magazine' Explores Women's Work In 2019

Nov 25, 2019
Libby Lang / Milwaukee Magazine

The November issue of Milwaukee Magazine focuses on women. From profiles of local women who are doing great things to national trends on pay equity, the issue takes a snapshot of how women are doing.

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Married mothers — and mothers with live-in partners — are doing more housework than their single counterparts. That’s according to a new study, which found that married mothers do around 32 minutes more of daily housework than single mothers. But why? Researchers Joanna Pepin and Noelle Chesley say the differences may be based in gender expectations.

Marquette Alumna Receives National Award For Her Notable Journalism Career

May 1, 2019
Mary-Ann Bendel

If you look at the list of producers and showhosts at WUWM, with just a couple of exceptions, it consists of nearly all women. While the demographic breakdown varies from newsroom to newsroom, women do make up a large percentage of journalists working in the broadcast industry today. 

Ward 4

Women's Entrepreneurship Week is the brainchild of leaders at a Milwaukee co-working space called Ward 4.

About a year and a half ago, these leaders figured that it was important to connect women just starting out in an often-solitary business environment with mentors and others. Quickly, they figured out they were onto something, as that day grew into a full week’s worth of events.