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Republican Congressman Sean Duffy announced last week that he is stepping down from the job. Duffy represents northern Wisconsin and says his last day will be Sept. 23. He says he wants to spend more time with his family, especially since discovering his baby will be born next month with a heart condition.

Milwaukee Short Film Festival

The Milwaukee Short Film Festival takes place Friday and Saturday. It’s the festival’s 21st anniversary. Founder and filmmaker Ross Bigley says each year the festival becomes better known, with films coming in from around the world.

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The field of candidates for Milwaukee Mayor got a little more crowded Tuesday, as Democratic state Sen. Lena Taylor threw her hat into the ring. That brings the number of declared candidates to three. Taylor’s bid sets up a potential challenge against long-time Mayor Tom Barrett.

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is heading to Japan on Friday. This is his first international trade mission since being elected. He's scheduled to visit Tokyo, Yokohama and Chiba City. He's also planning to attend this year's Midwest U.S. -Japan Association conference, along with some other governors.

Evers' trip continues Wisconsin's long association with Japan. That connection got a big boost in 1973 when a Japanese firm, Kikkoman Foods, began making soy sauce in Walworth.

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This year marks the Green Bay Packers' 100th season.

With a century of Packers football in the can, a new coach at the helm, and a fresh season about to begin, it’s the perfect time to look back at the team’s rich history.

Drew Olson has covered the Packers for decades. Along with co-author Jason Wilde, Olson compiled a list of the team’s most significant moments in his new book, The Big 50: Men and Moments That Made The Green Bay Packers.

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There is so much to do in Milwaukee in September, and it can be a little overwhelming sorting through the variety of community events. Luckily, Milwaukee's own Adam Carr is on top of it.

Carr is well-known for his tours of the city and he's also the deputy editor for community engagement at the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. He shares some of the events he's excited about this month:

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Two women who head major labor groups in Wisconsin say they think union membership can reverse declines over the last decade — and grow. Their optimism comes as thousands of union members plan to take part Monday in the annual Laborfest celebration in Milwaukee.

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Matt Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record, which he and the other co-founder, Tyler Maas, describe as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. Among the many cultural things Milwaukee Record keeps track of is a nearly exhaustive list of new music from local musicians.

In July, Lake Effect started a partnership with Milwaukee Record based on that list called Milwaukee Music Roundup. Here's Matt's Milwaukee Music Roundup for August 2019:

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Cold War fallout shelters are still around the Milwaukee area. You can still find some if you look for the signs, but many have fallen out of use.

Whitefish Bay resident Tom Fehring reached out to Bubbler Talk to learn more about these shelters:

“There are at least three buildings in my neighborhood that host fallout shelters. Do these shelters have a functional purpose today?”

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Local governments are incredibly important to our communities. They are largely responsible for allocating money to schools, roads, and first responder services, like police and firefighters. But too many local governments can be problematic. It can mean overlapping responsibilities and potentially, a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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A futurist who spoke in Milwaukee this week says education, the business world, health care — the list goes on — are going through rapid changes.  And get ready for more change, he says. 

Minnesota-based writer, lecturer and consultant Jack Uldrich took part in a workplace and innovation networking event at Marquette University. While there, Uldrich told WUWM Innovation Reporter Chuck Quirmbach about the trends that the futurist believes are transforming tomorrow:


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PFAS may be foreign to many, but residents in Marinette, Wis., are living with the man-made contaminant.

PFAS is short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a group of thousands of synthetic chemicals that don’t break down in the environment and bio-accumulate. That means they become concentrated inside the bodies of living things, like humans. PFAS are known as "forever" chemicals.

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Should the legal age to buy cigarettes and vaping products be raised to 21?

That’s the question some Wisconsin lawmakers are now grappling with after a bipartisan bill was introduced calling for just that. Lawmakers behind the legislation say the goal is to lessen the number of teens who vape.

READ: City Of Milwaukee Urges Residents To Stop Vaping Immediately

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A 72-year age gap separates the youngest and oldest Wisconsin legislators. So, we caught up with them in the state Capitol to get a little wisdom about seeing the world as a legislator on either end of the age spectrum. 

At 92, state Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, is one of the oldest legislators — and is the longest-serving state legislator — in the United States.

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The city of Milwaukee Health Department is urging residents to stop using all vaping products immediately.

So far, doctors in Wisconsin have confirmed 16 cases of chemical pneumonia that they believe are related to vaping. The only commonality at this point is that everyone impacted reported vaping or dabbing vaping marijuana oils and extracts in the weeks before becoming sick.