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Milwaukee native Madeline Glaspey began drawing and painting at an early age. To hone her craft, she went to arts centered public schools, including Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts and Milwaukee High School of the Artsup until college. In 2013, Glaspey graduated with a BFA in drawing and painting from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University and decided to come back to Milwaukee as a professional artist.

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You probably don’t know who Rob Paulsen is. But you probably know at least one or two of his animated characters. The award-winning Paulsen is the voice of, among others, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs and Raphael (and later Donatello) from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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In Wisconsin, all eyes have been on the state budget and the question of what Gov. Tony Evers will do with Republicans’ version of the two-year spending plan.

But that’s not the only work happening in the Capitol. Last week, the Assembly advanced a handful of bills that would impact schools and teachers.

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Reckless driving is a problem in a lot of places, especially the city of Milwaukee.

The city and the county have teamed up to tackle the issue. On Monday, the task force looking at the issue held another meeting. 

The number of fatalities due to car accidents is down, according to the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). But driving around the city can sometimes feel like a harrowing experience: people speeding by in the bike lane on the right, running red lights, and sometimes even people driving in the lane of oncoming traffic attempting to speed by you.

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Microsoft has announced a gift worth $1.5 million to the Connected Systems Institute, which is based at UW-Milwaukee. The institute is a statewide collaboration among academia, industry and state government that helps industry optimize data and improve manufacturing automation.

Microsoft President Brad Smith announced the details of the donation at a news briefing Monday afternoon at UWM. He said the gift includes $1.25 million in cash, $250,000 in cloud computing credits and $80,000 in computer hardware.

Courtesy Rahr-West Art Museum, City of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Jewish Museum Milwaukee recently opened its "Chagall’s Le Cirque" exhibit. It’s the first time the complete collection of Marc Chagall’s 23 color and 15 black-and-white circus themed lithographs has been shown here. The collection is also showcasing objects from Wisconsin's circus history.

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Since 1884, the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) has been giving Wisconsinites and the state’s many visitors a passport into the natural world. Many people who grew up here have memories of school field trips and sleep overs, and now bring their own kids and grandkids to experience it.

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Four low-income areas of Milwaukee continue to be designated "Promise Zones," where city officials say they're making special efforts to create jobs, improve education and reduce crime. On Saturday, a bicycle tour through one of the zones on Milwaukee's north side offered both a look at the promise of the neighborhoods and some of the challenges.

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J. Hardin and Hayward Williams were both solo singer-songwriters working in Milwaukee, constantly "bumping into each other along the road." They even worked on each others' solo records.

"We liked the process of working together so much that we both just subconsciously [started] writing songs that the two of us could perform together," says Williams.

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Mary Alice Monroe is best known for her New York Times bestselling series The Beach House. While beaches and the ocean can be a relaxing getaway and a magical place to live – the beach can also pose a significant risk, especially in Hurricane season.

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Artist Lydia Diemer and writer Riley Hanick have a thing for large bodies of water. Diemer and Hanick are the current artists in residence at The Bubbler, a Madison Public Library creative space that gives artists a way to work directly with patrons. Their water-inspired project is called The Office of Oceanic Feeling.

The title comes from the French writer Romain Rolland. He coined the term “Oceanic Feeling” as a way to describe the feeling of being one with the universe.

Audrey Nowakowski

For the latest Lake Effect On-Site, the team headed to Cedarburg ahead of the city's annual Strawberry Festival.

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State of Wisconsin health officials have recommended limits on 27 pollutants found in groundwater, including one type of pollutant that's increasingly in the headlines — PFAS.

Milwaukee and Racine immigration advocates are urging President Donald Trump to reconsider his plan to step up deportations of people who Trump says have been given due process and have been ordered to leave the country.