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Clock Changes Coming to NPR Programs

Did you know that every public radio program has a clock? Broadcast clocks are set templates that stations like ours use to track the timing of a show's stories and interviews, newscasts, and funding credits each day.

The clocks are changing to better meet listener needs by providing more opportunities for stations and NPR to provide headline and feature news throughout the hour. The change is part of NPR and WUWM’s shared commitment to deliver the quality reporting and programming you rely on every day. Regular Morning Edition features like StoryCorps will continue, though you may hear them in different parts of the program.

So how will you notice the changes? Starting Monday, November 17, you're likely to hear several more regular breaks for local news and info in Morning Edition, and a local feature segment in each hour of All Things Considered. In both clocks, WUWM will have more opportunities to share details on upcoming stories while still having time to insert our local material.

We're sharing feedback with NPR about these changes as they roll out. If you have questions or comments, please send them to us at