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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders officially endorsed his former rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, on Monday.

Sanders, who suspended his campaign last week, had long said he'd support whoever won the Democratic nomination, but he did not formally endorse Biden when he announced an end to his own run on Wednesday.

Sanders made the announcement as he remotely joined Biden on a livestream video.

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Wisconsin's April 7 spring election and presidential primary included races for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Milwaukee mayor, and Milwaukee County executive. Despite effort's from Gov. Tony Evers to move the election due to coronavirus concerns, the state Supreme Court ordered it to move forward. 

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Voters and advocacy organizations have been crying foul over voter access in Wisconsin's spring election and presidential primary and questioning the decision to go forward with in-person voting during a pandemic.

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Tuesday was officially Election Day in Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, thousands of people showed up to cast ballots in person — but not at their usual polling places. Milwaukee consolidated its 180 polling places to just five because so many workers stayed home due to coronavirus concerns.

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It was a very unusual spring election and presidential primary in Wisconsin on Tuesday. It happened in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and due to a court order, results won't be made public until April 13.

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his 2020 presidential campaign Wednesday, bowing to the commanding delegate lead former Vice President Joe Biden established.

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Some of the people who voted in Wisconsin Tuesday say they took a health risk to exercise their right to cast a ballot. And, some medical experts say they worry that all the in-person voting may lead to a setback in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic in Wisconsin.

One of those voters is Cheryl Pease. Outside the only polling place in Waukesha, she told WUWM: "I had a heart attack two months ago.  I have psoriasis throughout my body. So, I’m compromised, so I shouldn’t be out here. But, [I’m] doing my American duty."

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Despite multiple lawsuits and attempts by Gov. Tony Evers to move Wisconsin’s election, voting went on as scheduled Tuesday during the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people stood in line – some of them for hours – at five polling places throughout Milwaukee, waiting for their chance to vote.

City leaders say as a result of court rulings about 750 absentee ballots won’t count because they don’t have a witness signature. Despite these issues, Milwaukee’s top election official says things ran smoothly.

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin's statewide election drew to a close Tuesday evening after an 11th-hour scramble, long, socially-distanced lines at the polls, jury-rigged safety Plexiglass barriers, masks, cleaning supplies and a taunt directed at Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers by President Trump.

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After intense political back and forth, Wisconsin is holding its presidential primaries and elections for many state and local offices on Tuesday.

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Tuesday is election day in Wisconsin, due to an order from the state Supreme Court.

Less than 24 hours before the April 7 election was scheduled to begin, Gov. Tony Evers called off the election and postponed in-person voting to June 9. But, Monday, the state Supreme Court ruled 4-2 that Evers lacked the authority to do so.

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Kim Mahoney has battled the Foxconn corporation for three years. She is running against Jason Eckman, a supporter of the Mount Pleasant Foxconn development, for a seat on the Racine County Board in the spring election.

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Wisconsin is forging ahead with its April 7 primary despite the coronavirus pandemic and calls from some state leaders to postpone. It’s a critical state for both Republicans and Democrats in the 2020 presidential race. While in-person campaigning is off the table, both parties are figuring out how to get out the vote without gathering in person.

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Wisconsin is plowing forward with its April 7 election amid concerns of many election officials. One of the biggest obstacles to a smooth election is the shortage of poll workers. And many are staying home because of concerns about COVID-19.

One person with a longstanding tradition of working the polls is Larry “Spike” Bandy. He’s been an election inspector at Gordon Park in Riverwest for about 10 years – but won’t be showing up on Tuesday.

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Judge rules Wisconsin clerks can't release results from Tuesday's election before April 13 absentee deadline.

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The Wisconsin Elections Commission says a federal judge who ordered an extension for absentee voting in Tuesday’s election should ensure that no results are reported until all absentee ballots are in. The election has been roiled by fears of the coronavirus, with many municipalities saying they won’t be able to staff polling locations.