There's already a proposal to hold meetings at night, following voters' decision Tuesday to, in effect, create a part time County Board.

There were 44 school funding referenda on ballots Tuesday.

Pete Rasmussen

Americans for Prosperity got involved in county board elections in northern Wisconsin this spring, hoping to help pro-mining candidates win.

A conservative group training candidates in Wisconsin is celebrating victories  in Tuesday's elections. 

Attorney and political newcomer Shawn Reilly will become the new mayor of Waukesha.

Former alderman Willie Hines, who also was Common Council president, stepped down in February, to take a job with the city’s housing authority.


Laura Gramling Perez won the post of Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 32 on Tuesday.

Milwaukee County residents have created what essentially will be a part-time county board.

Schools leaders in some rural communities their schools are strapped for cash and have cut to the bone. A state task force is examining the situation.

Voters in the city of Waukesha will decide Tuesday, whom they want as their mayor.

Wisconsin Senate Considers Uniform Early Voting Hours

Mar 11, 2014

Republican Sen. Glen Grothman's bill could mean longer hours for rural communities and fewer hours for cities, including Milwaukee.

Gov. Walker is releasing his first TV ad of the 2014 campaign season, the same week Democrat Mary Burke is running her first political spots.

Democrat Mary Burke's first ad attacks Gov. Walker's record on job creation, while praising her background with bicycle maker, Trek.

Of the registered voters who responded, 47 percent support Walker while 41 percent prefer Burke.

Vinehout Will Not Run for Wisconsin Governor

Jan 17, 2014

Democratic Sen. Kathleen Vinehout says she cannot run an effective campaign at this time, because of the arm injury she suffered in a car accident.