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What Story Would You Like To See From Jerusalem?

Before I moved to Jerusalem to cover Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, I asked friends and acquaintances what they wanted to know about these places.

Everyone knew something about the long-running conflict, the repeat political players, and the ancient religions and the historic significance of the land. But people had plenty of questions, too.

A sixth-grader asked me to find out what had happened to a Palestinian boy he'd seen in a documentary. That led to this story and convinced me that the combined curiosity of many is a lot more powerful than me on my own.

So, I want more questions.

What do you wonder about Israel or the Palestinian territories? About the food, the fun, conflict, changes, history, habits?

I can't promise everything you ask will turn into a story, but if it does I will let you know. (And I might come back and ask you a question about your question.)

Please click here to tell us what you're wondering about. Please include your contact information. Or put your question out on social media with #whatiwonder.

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