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Wednesday on Lake Effect: MPS Budget, On The Wing Exhibit, Preventing Dementia

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

Editor's note: The first half of Lake Effect was preempted during the morning broadbast for special NPR coverage of the Mueller report.

As the state budget is being negotiated, the Wisconsin Policy Forum looks at the financial outlook for MPS, the state’s largest school district. Then, the On The Wing Program gives sketchbooks and art supplies to at-risk Milwaukeeans. Now, some of these pieces are featured in an exhibit with other local artists. Later, how simple, and familiar, changes can help prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias. And sports contributor Shaun Ranft returns to his first love: poetry.


  • Ann Chapman & Rob Henken, Wisconsin Policy Forum
  • Debra Brehmer & Pat Hidson, On The Wing Project
  • Chuck Stetson, founder, Healthcare Impact Foundation
  • Shaun Ranft, sports contributor & poet
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