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Swing State of the Union

Why is Wisconsin a swing state? That’s the question at the heart of this podcast, which explores the state’s historical and current political climate.

Wisconsin is among a handful of states that will choose the next president.

But the battle for Wisconsin's vote won't end in 2024, because Wisconsin isn't just a battleground state in elections — it's a battleground state for ideas that shape our nation.

What happens in Wisconsin mirrors and shapes national political discourse and policy.

WUWM's new podcast, Swing State of the Union, explores how Wisconsin became and continues to be a deeply purple state, and what that means for our future.

Episodes drop every Wednesday, starting May 1st, for 10 weeks leading up to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

As a swing state, Wisconsin has outsized influence in the 2024 election. What you may not know is Wisconsin has been influencing national policy for over 100 years.
Wisconsin, like many states, has a longstanding contentious relationship with its biggest city. Some politicians exploit this, to the detriment of everyone else.
Wisconsin has historically led the nation in creating, and limiting, union rights and bargaining power. We explore what that means for the state’s politics and culture.

"Swing State of the Union" is produced by WUWM, Milwaukee’s NPR, a part of the NPR Podcast Network.

The podcast is hosted and produced by Joy Powers and Sam Woods. It’s edited by Becky Mortensen and Ann-Elise Henzl with support from WUWM staff: Nadya Kelly, Michelle Maternowski, Valeria Navarro Villegas, Rob Larry and Anna Stratton.

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