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Real Stories MKE

Ex Fabula connects Milwaukee through real stories by presenting Community Collaborations, Storytelling Workshops and StorySlams. Each week on Real Stories MKE, hosts Kim Shine and Joel Dresang present a selection of stories on a theme — all told by community members during our live events.

  • No matter who helped raise you, those relationships have profound impacts on us for the rest of our lives.
  • Comfort zones are important, especially in a world that, depending on your identity, can be harmful.
  • Teamwork asks us to set aside individual interests for the good of the group.
  • Pets are supposed to teach you responsibility, bring you joy, and become part of your family. Sometimes this all works out, other times the plan goes awry.
  • What we eat, how we eat, the role eating plays in our lives can reveal a lot about our upbringing and our heritage and the choices we make.
  • Whether you are moving to a different neighborhood or a different country, there is always an element of risk when you leave the familiar for the unknown.
  • Breasts are a source of life and nutrients for our babies but they can also be a source of sickness and fear for those who get diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Roommates can become our closest friends or our worst nemesis
  • Sports can lead to teamwork or competition, build determination or anxiety, and contribute to a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Luck is a constant wild card; it’s the element of risk that’s involved in everything that we do. Some people don’t believe in luck, but they do believe in karma or fate.
The hosts of "Real Stories MKE" are Joel Dresang and Kim Shine.