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Real Stories MKE

Ex Fabula connects Milwaukee through real stories by presenting Community Collaborations, Storytelling Workshops and StorySlams. Each week on Real Stories MKE, hosts Kim Shine and Joel Dresang present a selection of stories on a theme — all told by community members during our live events.

  • Storytellers, Jerome Flogel, Tarik Moody, Sarah Beth Nelson and Tuesday Morn recall the moments where they realized they needed to redirect themselves.
  • Storytellers, Anya Janssen, Dorothy Malone, and Mia Noel. share their experiences of supernatural encounters.
  • Storytellers, Mark Rice, Angela Cunningham and Alondra Garcia share about three different systems that have impacted their lives.
  • Housing is an essential aspect of human life that can also be complex. Storytellers Rae Johnson, Dianne Pratt and Heidi Wegleitner share their experiences centered on and involving housing.
  • Storytellers Carly Kroll, Ryan Webster, Vanessa MokaFrapp, and Lisa Williams recall times in their lives when they had to learn to let go.
  • Storytellers Mike Johnson, Page Remmers, Precious Ward, and Aims McGuinness, share moments when they felt humility or helped others learn that hard lesson.
  • Storytellers, Sarah Janicek, Peter May, and Dede Gales share how cousins have played a role in their lives.
  • Story tellers, Greg Marshall, Elisabeth Bentti, Tashonda Green, and Amy Wilbourne, share how they fought to overcome the most difficult times of their lives.
  • Ex Fabula’s summer teen interns, Martavious McNeil and Samone Calmese, take over hosting duties for this episode of Real Stories MKE. They share four stories that explore how we shape and express our identities.
  • Whether it is a boring office meeting or the moment you meet the love of your life, meetings allow us to learn and connect with each other in ways that often have meaningful impacts on our lives.
The hosts of "Real Stories MKE" are Joel Dresang and Kim Shine.