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Real Stories MKE
Airs Sundays at 7 p.m.

Ex Fabula connects Milwaukee through real stories by presenting Community Collaborations, Storytelling Workshops and StorySlams. Each week on Real Stories MKE, hosts Kim Shine and Joel Dresang present a selection of stories on a theme — all told by community members during our live events.

  • Our lives are full of music - from lullabies to concerts to funeral dirges. Music can be a form of individual self-expression - or a way to bring a group together, perhaps even in harmony. This episode features stories about music from Kyla Hernandez, Elaine Maly, and Camille Davis.
  • Drugs can alleviate pain and suffering, but they can also cause it.
  • This episode looks at a variety of celebrations. Some are larger planned events, and others are spontaneous, but either way, celebrations offer us the chance to take a break from everyday life and share a meaningful moment.
  • Our theme this episode is Divorce. While all divorces involve ending a legal contract, in other ways divorces can vary greatly. They can be painful, bittersweet, or freeing, and they can be cooperative or full of drama. This episode features stories from Toni Edwards, Julie Cole, and Gregg Chambers.
  • This episode celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with stories of Pride. These stories explore authenticity, identity, and the importance of both being yourself and finding community. They also highlight past and present efforts to advance equity for the LGBTQ+ community - and the work that still remains. This episode features stories from Matthew Lewis, Laura Martin, and Tim Clark.
  • This episode is all about bicycles and cycling.For some, learning to ride is all about the bond formed while achieving something difficult through practice, with the support of a parent, sibling or friend. For others, a bike is a gateway to personal freedom and a ticket to adventure. This episode features stories from Dotty Posto, Athena King and Michael Stodola.
  • This episode is all about dating. For many, it’s a rocky, yet rewarding road. A precursor to romance, an awkward dance between conflicting expectations and miscommunications. It can be both exhilarating and humiliating. This episode features stories from Matthew Konkel, Becca Segal and Angela Harris.
  • In this episode, we’re highlighting stories about mental wellness as part of Ex Fabula’s work to deepen the narrative around depression and mental health. Thanks to the brave storytellers Andrea Ruffier, Cate Miller and Corey Fells.
  • As a storytelling organization, Ex Fabula believes that when more individuals speak up, we can all learn from each other and grow in understanding. This episode explores the act of speaking up and its consequences via three stories from Amanda Panciera, Margaret Henningsen, and Kerri Grote.
  • In 2019, Ex Fabula collaborated with Milwaukee Art Museum on a Slam connected with their exhibit “Serious Play: Design in MidCentury America.” This episode features 3 stories from that Slam, told by Sarah Carter, Mel Miskimen, and De’Shawn Ewing.