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Ex Fabula

Real Stories MKE Hosts

The hosts of Real Stories MKE are Joel Dresang and Kim Shine.

Joel, who has a background in print journalism, got involved in Ex Fabula as a volunteer and storyteller. He then joined Ex Fabula's coaching team in 2015.

Kim is a storyteller and a journalist. She told several stories at Ex Fabula Slams before joining the team of teaching artists in 2021.

The show is edited by Sam Woods, a reporter and podcast producer who first got involved with Ex Fabula as a Public Ally in 2018.

  • No matter who helped raise you, those relationships have profound impacts on us for the rest of our lives.
  • Comfort zones are important, especially in a world that, depending on your identity, can be harmful.
  • Teamwork asks us to set aside individual interests for the good of the group.
  • Pets are supposed to teach you responsibility, bring you joy, and become part of your family. Sometimes this all works out, other times the plan goes awry.
  • What we eat, how we eat, the role eating plays in our lives can reveal a lot about our upbringing and our heritage and the choices we make.
  • Whether you are moving to a different neighborhood or a different country, there is always an element of risk when you leave the familiar for the unknown.
  • Breasts are a source of life and nutrients for our babies but they can also be a source of sickness and fear for those who get diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Roommates can become our closest friends or our worst nemesis
  • Sports can lead to teamwork or competition, build determination or anxiety, and contribute to a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Luck is a constant wild card; it’s the element of risk that’s involved in everything that we do. Some people don’t believe in luck, but they do believe in karma or fate.