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Watch Hembree's In-Studio Performance At The Bridge

"We've got rock and roll moms, Jon," Hembree frontman Isaac Flynn explains to music director Jon Hart. He and bassist Garrett Childers first began making music together in middle school and their collaboration had been orchestrated by their mothers.

"Once we jammed 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' about 75 times in my basement, I think we knew it was destiny," Flynn jokes.

Hembree talk moving forward after the dissolution of their former band, the pressure of recording in a famous studio, and rediscovering the joy of making music.

Watch Hembree's full session and interview at The Bridge and read highlights of their conversation with Hart below.

"['Continents'] now has an affiliation that I'm not quite sure I understand," Hart mentions.

"We didn't quite understand it as well," Flynn laughs. "But it's a cool opportunity. [The song] just came out with a French record label called Kitsuné — and that is also a French clothing line — and they're releasing a compilation album with the NBA."

"We went out to Sunset Sound to record and it was like recording in a rock and roll museum. It was almost overwhelming because they'd be like 'That room over there is the last room that all four Beatles ...or the last time that all four Beatles were together in one room. Over there is where Jim Morrison's echo chamber is. Van Halen cut the "Eruption" solo over there. Anyway, do you want to do your vocals into Prince's microphone or Robert Plant's? I ended up re-doing all the vocals at my loft."

"Holy Water" is the first song that emerged after those sessions. The driving, guitar-led electric romp was written in response to a feeling of frustration at the end of 2016 and the need to do more to help others.


  • "Continents"
  • "Had It All"
  • "Holy Water"
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