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The Lone Bellow On Mountain Stage

The Lone Bellow
The Lone Bellow

After hearing this set from Americana trio The Lone Bellow, Mountain Stage host Larry Groce enthusiastically noted some similarities between the band's set-up and that of folk performers from five decades ago. "Three people with acoustic instruments, standing around one microphone, singing great songs and putting it out on vinyl. I think I'm 15 again," Groce said.

The set-up remains effective and powerful, including when the band covers "For What It's Worth," the Stephen Stills song widely associated with the Vietnam War era. The Lone Bellow released the cover in 2013 as part of a compilation of protest songs compiled by the advocacy campaign "ONE."

This performance, recorded in Athens, Ohio on the campus of Ohio University, is book-ended by songs spanning the entirety of The Lone Bellow's career. The trio begins with "To The Woods," from its self-titled debut and close the set with "May You Be Well," from its 2017 album, Walk Into a Storm, produced by Dave Cobb. There are two songs from the band's 2018 acoustic EP The Restless, including the track and "Pink Rabbits," a song originally written and recorded by The National.

The EP's stripped-down sound inspired The Lone Bellow's "Acoustic Triiio" Tour, which found the members condensing their performances to largely acoustic instruments, with captivating and dynamic vocal harmonies throughout.

Currently based in Nashville, The Lone Bellow started out in Brooklyn where Brian Elmquist, Zach Williams and Kanene Pipkin began performing together.


  • "To The Woods"
  • "You Don't Love Me Like You Used To"
  • "Pink Rabbits"
  • "Watch Over Us"
  • "For What It's Worth"
  • "The Restless"
  • "May You Be Well"
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