Native American Big Drums: A Performance & Chat

Jan 3, 2019

Milwaukee is a special place for Native Americans. The city is home to the largest population of Native Americans living in any city east of the Mississippi River. And UW-Milwaukee – through its Electa Quinney Institute – has long been committed to serving that population. There are currently about 500 students at UWM who identify as Native Americans.

Last week on this program, we talked a great deal about the educational programs at UWM designed to support the Native American students. This week, as promised, we have a special second part of our programming on this topic — and you are in for a special treat.

In the studio is the Minowakiing Chi-biz-hee-wag, a Native American big drum group. Here to tell us more about the drum performance is Margaret Noodin, director of the Electa Quinney Institute.  She is an associate professor of English and American Indian studies at UWM.