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Wisconsin Band Semi-Twang Releases Album 'Kenosha'

Semi-Twang, paying tribute to Kenoshans of yore.

Plenty of rock bands have geographic names — either the band itself or their albums — Chicago, Boston or Kansas. There's also Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album.

The local band Semi-Twang is the first band (that we know of) to name an album after the southern Wisconsin metropolis of Kenosha.

The album is just coming out and the band is set to play tonight where else but Kenosha, at Public Brewing. They’ll also play a show Dec. 22 at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall. John Sieger, a member of Semi-Twang, joined us in the studio to play a few songs and talk about the album.

Listen to the songs Sieger played for us here:

John Seiger performing "The One That Got Away" from Semi-Twang's album "Kenosha"
John Seiger performing "Short Order Girl" from Semi-Twang's album "Kenosha"