The Story of Daniel Placek: Bayside Hacker / Cybercriminal

Oct 26, 2015

Five years ago, a Milwaukee area man - barely older than a teenager - was nabbed by the FBI. Daniel Placek turned out to be one of the people behind the underground hacker website Dark Ode.  You're not alone if you're not familiar with the site, it existed in one of the internet's most shadowy corners.  

"It was a place for hackers to get together – people who really knew how to code malicious software to steal financial information or to take control over computer servers, or to do something called ransom ware or crypto locker - where you lock up somebody’s computer and make them pay you to unlock the computer," explains Milwaukee Magazine senior editor Matt Hrodey.

Hrodey wrote about Placek's story - his rise and how he eventually got caught - in an Insider story in the October issue of the magazine, titled Dark Side.

Hordey goes into further detail about Placek and where is he now on Lake Effect: