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New Novel Depicts a 'Real' Heist Story

Viking Adult

Many glamorous heist movies have been made over the years, such as How to Steal a Million, The Thomas Crown Affair and Oceans Eleven.  They present an interesting quandary – the idea that you find yourself kind of rooting for people who are otherwise, well, breaking the law.

"I started to realize that real crime is not quite as glamorous as the stylized crime I so enjoyed as a kid. That was one of the main things that made me want to write what I'm going to paradoxically call a real heist story," says author Rebecca Scherm.

Readers of Scherm’s novel, Unbecoming, will have to decide for themselves whether to root for the heroine, who is somehow involved with a heist in Tennessee and is now living in Paris.  The page-turner is just out in paperback and the tour brought Scherm to Milwaukee last week to Boswell Book Company.