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Musician Jack Spann Returns to Milwaukee for The Big Gig

Photo by Maayan Silver
Jack Spann (left), Mike Preen on Bass (center) and Donna Kelly on drums.

Musician Jack Spann was previously featured on Lake Effect a few months ago to talk about his work with David Bowie and going solo.  The New York-based musician is practically at home in Milwaukee with his latest album, Time Time Time Time Time, pulled together with the support of local producer Gary Tanin. 

Following a spring tour through the region, he’s back in town for the next few days – for obvious reasons, if you’re a music fan: The Big Gig.  Ahead of his performances tonight at Dugout 54 and tomorrow afternoon at Summerfest, Spann brought a band with him to the Lake Effect performance studio to play some songs and have a chat:


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