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Working Adults Needing Degrees can now Enroll in UW Flex Program

After months of planning, the UW System will begin admitting students into its new Flexible Option program on Monday.

It’s for working adults who never completed a degree but need one. They’ll be able to apply what they’ve learned on their own, rather than take classes.

The Flex program will start in a few targeted careers, including nursing and I-T. Active participation will begin on January 2.

Ray Cross, Chancellor of UW Colleges and Extensions helped oversee the creation. He says, at the onset, there are two payment options. Under one, the student pays $2,250 for three-month period and can earn as many competencies as possible during that time, while receiving academic support.

The second pricing model will charge students $900 for a competency cluster or set, roughly equivalent to the material the traditional course covers. The student will prepare on his or her own and then decide when to attempt to demonstrate competency.

Cross says the UW System hopes to roll out a third payment option in coming months - simply a fee per assessment.

The program also offers prospective students a component called Fit for Flex. It’s not required, but Cross says it can help the adult determine if the program is for them.

The UW System is the first public university system in the country to offer a flexible degree program.