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As Early Voting Kicks Off In Wisconsin, Voters Talk Top Issues

Ann-Elise Henzl Reporter Milwaukee Public Radio
In-person absentee voting began in Milwaukee Monday

Some Milwaukee voters didn't wait to hear Monday night's debate, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attempted to woo voters. In-person absentee voting began Monday in downtown Milwaukee at the Zeidler Municipal Building. 

Business was brisk. We asked a number of voters what issues were important to them as they cast their ballots. Additional early voting sites on the north and south sides will open October 10.


"The economy, foreign policies, the belief that one candidate will do more for the working class than the other candidate, never before has it been more apparent to us."


"Criminal justice in general, and environmentally, we're at a really scary stage for global warming. Everything, everything."


Hunt: "The economy, racism, women's issues, racism. I think that's about it."

Reporter: "And that was an intentional repeat (of the word 'racism')?"

Hunt: "That was not a slip-up, it wasn't a slip-up."


"Education, making sure that our government actually works, that we don't have stoppages, that legislators and our executives are doing their jobs and making policy and executing that policy. Beyond that, I think the economy, jobs here in Milwaukee, and community-police relations. Those are all my big issues."


"I just believe that we need to take care of our own people, coupled with concern for improving infrastructure, but helping people along the way, rather than corporate America."


"Of all the elections that I've ever voted in, this is the one that is harder to choose. It's just not a good choice, and I think it's too bad, because there's so much crime, there's so much uprising in the communities and everything."


Benjamin: "Fairness, honesty, doing the right thing, seeing out for the people, so to speak. The nation right now really is in a kind of a crisis-type situation, so you need like a strong leadership."

Reporter: "And you don't have any concern that you might change your mind between now and Election Day?"

Benjamin: "No. My mind is made up. Yes, it is completely made up."

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