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Trump Rallies Republican Voters In Wisconsin

In his only Wisconsin stop before the midterm elections, President Donald Trump rallied thousands of supporters in Mosinee on Wednesday. He urged them all to go to the polls Nov. 6 and vote for Republican candidates Scott Walker and Leah Vukmir.

President Trump started off the rally by thanking Wisconsin voters for the important role they played in the 2016 election. That’s when — for the first time in decades — Wisconsin went red in the presidential election, helping to put Trump over the top.

"I’m thrilled to be back with the thousands loyal hardworking American patriots, who by the way gave President Trump a win. Thank you very much," said Trump.

The next thing the president addressed was the recent bomb threats to Democratic leaders in the United States. This week, a number of them, including Trump’s 2016 opponent in 2016, Hillary Clinton, received suspicious packages in the mail. Trump reminded the crowd that it is his duty is to keep America safe.  

Despite it being a cold October night in central Wisconsin, thousands vied for their chance to see the president in person. Some arrived more than six hours early to secure their spot in the audience.

Dental hygienist and yoga instructor Marlene Crippen was there to show her support for the president. Many political analysts expect the midterm elections to be a “referendum” on the president’s performance.

"He really is standing up for America. I know he isn’t always politically correct. And some people cringe at some of the things he says," she said. "I think a lot of people are feeling it in their pocketbooks. I know I do. I know I’m doing much better financially. And so, I think he really does care about Americans. "

Linda Edwards was with her granddaughter Liliana and expressed the importance of attending and showing her support.

"I’ve already voted and so has my husband. You know, we’re citizens we have a duty to vote. I’m a conservative. I’m a Christian. I’m a pro-lifer. I believe in borders. I believe in free trade and fair trade, and I believe in America first," emphasized Edwards. 

In response to Trump's visit, a number of liberal groups released statements criticizing the president and blasting Gov. Scott Walker for standing at his side.

With less than two weeks before Election Day, Trump’s visit was just one of a number of high profile stops by national political figures. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) visited Milwaukee to campaign for Democratic candidates on Monday, and former President Barack Obama will headline a rally for Democratic candidates on Friday.

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