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Waukesha Author Embraces Lessons Learned in Wilderness


Summer, waning as it may be, is a time for things like hiking, swimming, canoeing, family vacations – and sometimes all of the above.

For Waukesha writer Jim Landwehr, the best place to pursue all of these activities is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, in far northern Minnesota. Landwehr has been going to the Boundary Waters for decades, and for a time, it was a family tradition that he and his brothers would take canoe trips together.

He details the lessons he learned on these trips – from the importance of a clean shirt to the importance of family – in a recent memoir, called Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir.

Landwehr spoke with  Lake Effect’s Stephanie Lecci about what first drew him to the Boundary Waters.

"It was this super-remote allure of the area...It was just rustic terrain...just an adventure I guess. And the weather we had up there just added to the whole mystique of it, and it made me want to go back further north and into rougher conditions just to see if I could do it," says Landwehr.

Author Jim Landwehr lives in Waukesha.  His interview with Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci first aired in July.

Audrey is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.