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New Documentary Explores Connection Between Milwaukee And Vietnam

Steve Green

It’s been 41 years since the last U.S. combat troops left Vietnam, but the effects of the prolonged conflict are still being felt. 

The war provoked deep divisions in the country and even within individual families.

Decades later, people still work to fill those gaps.  A new documentary by Milwaukee producer Mark Siegrist tells the story of postwar healing, how Vietnam has changed and how Milwaukee is linked to Vietnam today.

A Bridge to Vietnam premieres this evening on Milwaukee Public Television, and Siegrist spoke with Lake Effect’s Bonnie North on what he wanted the film to accomplish.

"Every story unfolds in its own natural rhythm.  And when you see it developing, you have to let go because for some reason the story is starting to tell itself at its own pace," Siegrist says.

A Bridge to Vietnam airs this evening at 7:30 on Milwaukee Public Television, and Sunday evening at 10:30.

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Bonnie North
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