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UWM & MATC Join Animated Forces


Cartoons and comics mean a lot to many kids.  But for some young people, the effect is especially strong and drives them to pursue a career in animation.  From medical, architectural and science, to forensics, industrial and gaming field — there's so much more to animation than Hollywood blockbuster films.

Animation programs at Milwaukee Area Technical College and UW-Milwaukee are at the vanguard of a renaissance for animation education — and now they've joined forces.

MATC introduced its animation program about 15 years ago. Equipped with studio systems and a computer graphics lab, lead education instructor Brian Mennenoh says MATC's program is able to effectively ingrain a solid base of knowledge in their students. However, students only get two years in the program, so that's where UWM comes in.

"I think MATC specializes more in the technical side and UWM definitely adds the artistic side," notes Mennenoh. "With us only having two years with students, we do focus more on the nuts and bolts and don't have as much time for things like color theory. Where at UWM, they definitely get to add that to their skill set and end up far more well-rounded artists."

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich is joined by Brian Mennenoh, the lead education instructor at MATC; Owen Klatte, associate animation lecturer at UWM: and Tim Decker, who is on the animation faculty at both schools to discuss the animation partnership:

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