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Wisconsin Congressman: U.S. Needs Right to Vote Amendment

Wisconsin’s newest Congressman wants the U.S. to amend its Constitution, so it guarantees adult Americans the right to vote in their home district.

Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan says too many legislatures have been passing restrictions.

“It’s changing early voting. It’s changing things like voting hours. It’s changing so many different things across many states that we might not see in Wisconsin, but we are seeing real attacks across the country. So the simplest, most effective way is just to simply state that, you have a right to vote,” Pocan says.

Wisconsin Republicans approved changes here. They include new time lines for living in a district before voting there and requiring voters to present a photo ID. A judge has at least temporarily, struck down the photo ID mandate.

Supporters of new rules here insist they’re needed to prevent fraud.

Pocan’s plan would put the burden of proof on the states. They would have to prove that any proposed rules don’t hinder citizens’ right to vote.