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Walker and Burke Bring Out Heavy Hitters

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made campaign stop in Wisconsin on Monday.

Governor Walker appeared with Christie in Hudson, Wisconsin. He told potential voters there that Walker deserves a second term because he has made the tough choices Wisconsin needed. Christie also blasted Democrat Mary Burke for her economic plan. Parts have appeared in other candidates’ platforms.

“It’s OK, if we disagree with her ideas. That’s what elections are about, to disagree with ideas," Christie says. "People put forward their ideas, Scott put forward his ideas, and then the voters get to decide. But we don’t know if they really are Mary Burke’s ideas, do we? Because, her whole campaign has been surrounding this economic jobs plan of hers, and wait, what do we find out? It’s not hers."

Here in Milwaukee, Burke appeared at a rally with First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama told the crowd that if Burke is not elected, Wisconsin can expect more of the same.

“We can’t pretend like we don’t know. We will see more people interfering in women’s private decisions about our health care," Obama says. "We will see more folks denying that climate change even exists. We will see more votes against immigration reform and raising the minimum wage for hard working folks. So I don’t want you to be surprised, I want to be very clear.”

Burke's campaign announced Tuesday, that the First Lady will return to Wisconsin October 7, to join Burke again, on the trail.

Polls show Walker and Burke in a statistical dead heat.

LaToya was a reporter with WUWM from 2006 to 2021.
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