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Expect Walker, Burke to Project Confidence and Tout Experience During Debate

Friday night's debate will mark the first time the two candidates for governor have appeared face-to-face.

Kevin Pulz, a senior producer for MPTV, predicts Gov. Walker will work to position himself as strong and determined and resolved.

"I think something Gov. Walker has done all along, whether you've agreed with him or not, is he's tried to stay, what he feels is the course. And I think there's a lot of people that particularly like that from a leader or from a politician. So I think that's kind of where he has to come from - continue to define himself as someone who's not doing to back down," Pulz says.

As for Mary Burke, Pulz says she remains a bit of an unknown, so she will really have to introduce herself to the audience.

"I'd certainly insist that she plays up her business acumen. Trek is a very respected company across the world, so she's got to define herself as someone who can do the job, from the business standpoint. And bring that background, bring those talents, bring that insight into a job as basically the chief executive officer of the state of Wisconsin," Pulz says.

Pulz would advise both candidates to maintain eye contact with the panelists, the camera and each other, to project confidence and answer questions directly.