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Milwaukee Seniors Witness History in Clinton Nomination

Marti Mikkelson


Hillary Clinton will make history Thursday night when she becomes the first woman to accept the nomination for president. WUWM stopped by the Washington Park Senior Center in Milwaukee, and asked senior citizens what they think of the historic development.

As DeLois Johnson finishing eating lunch, she says she didn’t think she’d live to see a female presidential nominee.

“No I did not. I didn’t even think I would see President Obama in my lifetime.”

Johnson notes that the former Secretary of State has weathered a few storms, on her way to this week’s nomination for president.

“I think she can handle it. She’s handled all this persecution from all these senators, Benghazi and she’s still standing strong. She doesn’t let that stop her,” Johnson says.

Johnson says she admires Clinton’s independence. “Bill Clinton was saying that he had to ask Hillary three times to marry him. She kept refusing him, she kept doing different jobs and she was a strong woman. She didn’t really need Bill Clinton, she did her thing,” Johnson says.

“I was listening to what he said and she really brought him out and caused him to be who he is.

Jearline Black says she also learned more about Hillary Clinton this week, from the speech her husband - the former president – delivered at the Democratic National Convention.

“I didn’t realize that she was in all these different things before. So, to me she’s really capable of being the next President,” Black says.

In a nearby room at the senior center, Theodius Nelms is watching a game show. But he says tonight, he’ll be tuned into Clinton’s acceptance speech.

“She’s motivated and she has the experience. Her husband first was the President and she knows the ropes to be President,” Nelms says.

Roger Pryor is busy snapping pieces into a large puzzle. He’s another senior who plans to watch Clinton’s speech tonight. Pryor says he hopes she talks about the violence weighing on people’s minds.

“What’s happening around the world, people killing each other and shooting each other and not having love in their heart, I want to see more love and make the world a better place. She sees what’s going on in the world and she’s been around the world, different countries,” Pryor says.

Marti was a reporter with WUWM from 1999 to 2021.
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