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Early Voters Contemplate What Would Make Them Change Their Minds

Marti Mikkelson

Is there anything that could happen before next week’s election that would make you change your vote? New inquiries surfaced over the weekend about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system while she was secretary of state. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump was hit by accusations of inappropriate actions toward women. WUWM stopped by two early voting sites in Milwaukee to ask people what might be the final straw.

Charles Fletcher doesn’t think there’s anything that could happen between now and Nov. 8, that would make him change his vote in the presidential race.

“I’m pretty much set on who I wanted to vote for and the principles that they hold, their record and experience. I think I voted on that basis,” Fletcher says.

Fletcher was among a stream of voters filing into a storefront at Midtown Center on Milwaukee’s north side. It’s one of three early voting sites in the city. Fletcher does think the FBI Director should have waited until after the election, to reveal the latest findings.

“Unless you have proof, you’re really not supposed to get into politics and that’s probably what happened, he got into politics and made a mistake, a very big mistake,” Fletcher says.

“I was already set on Hillary,” Tasha McNeal is another person who can’t envision a scenario that would make her regret her early vote. McNeal teaches at Vincent High School and brought some first-time voters to the polls: a few of her students.

“I believe what Hillary says and I hope they’re not comparing these emails to what Donald Trump has done, there’s no comparison,” McNeal says.

Yet over on the south side – at the early voting site at the Forest Home Library, Judith Malkowski can think of several events that would make her change her mind. Even at this late stage.

“A death of the individual, definitely an arrest that would surely make a big impact on things, somebody pulling out of the race,” Malkowski says.

But, Malkowski says she’s hedging her bets that none of these scenarios will happen by Nov. 8. She says the convenience of early voting outweighs any apprehension she might have about casting her ballot too soon.

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