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Green Party's Jill Stein Requests WI Recount

Darren Hauck/Getty Images
Voters wait in line at the polls to cast their ballot in the national election at Cannon Pavilion on November 8, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has filed a request for a recount of votes in Wisconsin's presidential election.

Republican Donald Trump won Wisconsin over Democrat Hillary Clinton by about 22,000 votes. Stein got about 30,000 votes.

Stein made the request late Friday afternoon and must pay for the costs associated with the recount.

Claims surfaced this week that hackers may have altered vote totals in the presidential election in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. All three had thin margins. The claims led to groups urging Clinton to request recounts in the three states.

J. Alex Halderman directs the Center for Computer Security and Society at the University of Michigan. He says there's no evidence of a cyberattack, yet a recount would eliminate any possibility that one occurred.

We asked Wisconsin's top election official what he thinks about the claim, Michael Haas is administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

"We have not received any evidence of any type of vote tampering or anything suspicious that was going on before or on Election Day," Haas says.

Haas says there are safeguards in place throughout the election process, which prevent anyone from altering results. He says those protections include a "paper trail" of all votes, including those cast on touch-screen machines.

Haas says if Hillary Clinton has doubts about the tally here, her campaign would have to cover the cost of a recount. And that would be a pricey proposition, based on a state Supreme Court recount five years ago. Haas says the Associated Press compiled the numbers.

"That cost the local units of government about $520,000 not including some counties that did not respond, and that also did not include any costs at the state level from the Government Accountability Board. That was also an election with 1.5 million votes, this election has close to 3 million votes, so we would expect that cost to be significantly higher," Haas says.

The deadline for requesting a recount in Wisconsin is 5:00 Friday evening.

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