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Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee Helps Unauthorized Immigrants Get Papers in Order

Marti Mikkelson
The Mexican flag flies outside the consulate on Milwaukee's east side

There are more fears now, among immigrants who are in the U. S. illegally that they could be arrested and deported.  The Mexican consulate in Milwaukee says it's served more than 10,000 people since opening last summer.  

And, it's found that many clients don't have basic documentation such as passports.  The consulate held workshops over the weekend, they stressed the urgency of obtaining key papers.

Julian Adem says he’s been busy non-stop, since the Mexican consulate opened on Milwaukee’s east side in late August. Adem is lead consul. He took me past a tiny, crowded room where several dozen people are waiting to have photos taken or get papers notarized. Adem says the consulate has been emphasizing to all, to put together an “emergency documentation kit.” It should contain at least three basic records.

“In the case of immigrants, particularly those from Mexico, we suggest that everyone have a passport and/or a consular ID card at hand. If it’s a consular ID car, it is credit card size, it’s convenient to carry with them so they can use it to identify themselves properly, in case they are detained,” Adem says.

Adem says he also recommends that parents file guardianship instructions, in case they’re separated from their children. He says many clients tell him they’re concerned about a possible mass deportation under the Trump administration. Adem says he tries to quell their fears as best as he can, including about what they hear on social media.

“You’ll see rumors that are definitely false, where they say Immigration and Customs Enforcement is about to carry out a raid at such and such a place or patrol cars are waiting for you here. This is fake news and we try to tell people not to listen to that and to go about their daily lives,” Adem says.

Adem says the Mexican consulate in Milwaukee is the only one of its kind in Wisconsin, so he frequently travels statewide, informing people of the services it provides. For instance, it has photographers on hand to take passport photos, as well as notary publics who are able to authorize documents, all for reduced cost.

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