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Clarke Wants to Discuss Police Protocol on County Medical Grounds

Following a police shooting at Children's Hospital last week, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wants more information sharing among law enforcement.

City of Milwaukee police went to the hospital's neonatal unit on Thursday, after learning a felon with a weapon was there. Police say he put down the infant he was holding and then tried to flee. An officer shot him in the wrist; no one else was hurt.

Clarke says city police did not let sheriff's deputies know about the plan to make an arrest inside the hospital - and law enforcement agencies do not have to share such information with others. Yet the sheriff says if deputies would have known, they could have positioned themselves appropriately and weighed in on whether the arrest plan was wise.

The sheriff has ordered his commanders to meet with Milwaukee and Wauwatosa police, as well as with private security at the County Medical Complex, to decide if they can agree on protocol to follow when responding to incidents on the grounds.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has said his department is also reviewing the case. It started when police were told an armed felon might harm someone at the hospital.