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Milwaukee Pub Sticks with Brazilian Favela Decor for World Cup

Marge Pitrof

Nomad, on Brady Street, has dressed up its patio for the World Cup games, as a favela. Those are slums embedded in Brazil’s cities.

Some social media posts have accused Nomad of belittling the poverty and violence millions face.

Nomad owner Mike Eitel says every four years, he sets out to create a lively space that draws soccer fans to watch and enjoy the games at his pub. He says, the last time, when the World Cup was in South Africa, his place featured African dancers and drumming, along with Afro-centric art work.

"We wanted to do something iconically, recognizably Brazilian and the connection between the birth of street soccer in the favelas, and the fact that most of the world's really talented players come directly from the favela. There was no intent to offend anyone," Eitel says.

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