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Ex Fabula: Aims McGuinnesses Shares 'Close Encounters' & 'Mother Load' Stories

Art Montes

Milwaukee’s Ex Fabula brings you stories from their monthly StorySlams. At these events, anyone can throw his or her name in the hat for a chance to share a true, personal story on stage - as long as it relates to the night's theme and can be told in five minutes or less.

In January 2014, Aims McGuinness threw his name in the hat, hoping to share a story on the theme of "Close Encounters." When his name was drawn, he took to the stage and shared the rise and fall of a high school relationship with a girl who claimed that she was married to Mozart in a previous life. At the end of the night, volunteers counted the ballots and pronounced that Aims was the evening’s Audience Favorite.

Then, Aims advanced to Ex Fabula ALL STARS in May 2014, where he and other Audience Favorites from Season 5 shared new, ten-minute stories on the theme of "Mother Load.

Aims talked about going to Panama and spending the first night with a family that was a friend of a friend of a friend. Of that first night, Aims recalls, “I don’t know if I struck Doña Carmen as being a little pathetic or nerdy, but she looked at me and, in Spanish, said, ‘Aims, Panana City is a big city. I think maybe you should live with us while we’re here … as a member of the family.’” Over the course of the story, Aims explained what it meant to be a member of the family, and at end of the night, Aims was crowned Audience Favorite of Season 5.

Ex Fabula’s sixth season will start with a kickoff event in September 2014, followed by monthly StorySlams starting in October.

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