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Bon Voyage! Bob Bach Reflects On His Radio Career

Bon Voyage! Bob Bach Reflects On His Radio Career
Bob Bach's final farewell.

If you’re a regular listener to Milwaukee Public Radio, you’ve probably been waking up to the same distinctive voice for the last ten years. 

Mornings in Milwaukee will be just a little bit different after Friday. Bob Bach is retiring after 24 years at WUWM, the last 10 as local host for Morning Edition.

As Bob enters the somewhat surreal world of retirement, he shares some of his favorite WUWM stories:

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich and Bonnie North chat with WUWM's Bob Bach before his retirement.

Sliding Home profiles a high school kid experiencing a one of a kind blissful moment. "The idea for the story stemmed from a family conversation in which my oldest brother recalled riding his bicycle on autumn day when all seemed so effortless, almost like the "rapture" is how he put it," Bob says. "I thought to myself, 'was there something I ever did that was like the rapture.'" The piece aired December 1999 as a seasonal feature on WUWM's At Ten show.

Stars of Yesterday aired June 1994 and was designed as a reflection piece built to fill a 30 minute "documentary" segment that the news department was responsible for producing on a rotating basis. "It featured taped telephone conversations with old friends from a little league baseball --some of whom had moved to far off places, including a guy who was an international aid worker in Asia," Bob says. "The central question was whether any of the former teammates recalled Hall of Fame Milwaukee Braves pitcher Warren Spahn stopping in the parking lot of our ball diamond at Hawthorne Glen in Milwaukee and watching some of our game. And, perhaps the bigger question, did Spahn himself remember that time? The story was dedicated to the memory of one of our teammates who died tragically, at a young age."

For the last 10 years, this has been Bob's morning routine:

Have a goodbye message you'd like to share with Bob? Send a tweet with the hashtag #byetobob.#byetobob Tweets

Enjoy sleeping in, Bob. Though we will miss you, we wish you the happiest of retirements!

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