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Friday on Lake Effect: 'Margaret Fuller', 'Ovarian Psycos', 'Birth of a Nation', Bubbler Talk

Friday on Lake Effect

Early 19th century intellectual Margaret Fuller, was pretty unusual, especially for her time. We talk with her biographer, Megan Marshall. Then, two of the subjects of Ovarian Psycos explain why they joined the bicycle brigade and what their organization is doing for their community in East L.A. Later, film contributor Dave Luhrssen discusses the new Birth of a Nation, and the story of Nat Turner. Plus, we have the latest edition of Bubbler Talk. 


  • Megan Marshall, author, Margaret Fuller: A New American Life
  • Andi Xoch and Joan Zeta, members of Ovarian Psycos
  • Dave Luhrssen, film contributor
  • Bubbler Talk, series


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