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Ideas Become Reality At UWM’s Prototyping Center

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Jason Rieve
Tom Luljak and Kyle Jansson chat about a workshop where ideas become important protoypes.

At large research universities, ideas are the coin of the realm. Without them, classrooms would be quiet, research labs would sit idle. Ideas are what drive innovation and invention.

But imagining what a new instrument, tool or product might look like can not take the place of the real thing. On this edition of UWM Today, we dive into a sophisticated, high-tech workshop where ideas are transformed into protoypes that are vital to launching the full production process.

Our guest today is Kyle Jansson, director of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Prototyping Center located at UWM's Innovation Campus in Wauwatosa.

Tom Luljak hosted UWM Today on WUWM for more than two decades and is the inaugural host of Curious Campus.