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Exploring Technology's Impact On Relationships

Jason Rieve
(From left) Tom Luljak with Noelle Chesley, associate professor of sociology in UWM’s College of Letters & Science.";

Every day we pick up smartphones or open up our laptop and we have a clear picture of how technology has changed and shaped our personal lives, especially in the workplace. What we may not be thinking about is the impact that technology is having on our relationships, including those with our family.

On this edition of UWM Today, we are talk with a UWM professor who says our digital lives are now deeply linked to our social experiences. Noelle Chesley is an associate professor of sociology in UWM’s College of Letters & Science where she is also director of undergraduate studies.

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Tom Luljak is the vice chancellor of University Relations and Communications at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. In addition to directing the university's communication programs, Luljak serves as an associate lecturer in UWM's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, teaching courses in corporate communications and sports marketing.