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Chancellor's Report: Conversation With UWM Students About Their College Experience During A Pandemic

Chancellor Mone and WUWM’s John Hess talk with three UWM students about their academic careers during the pandemic.";

On today’s Chancellor’s Report we’ll look at COVID-19’s impact on UWM from a student’s perspective. What is it like to start academic learning during a pandemic? What are some of the life lessons that you will carry with you from this experience?

Joining Chancellor Mone and WUWM General Manager John Hess are three UWM students, Alina Frias, Xeng Ken Vang and Amanda Holzer.

Frias is a senior psychology major, Vang is a 2020 graduate with a degree in biology and Holzer is a freshman in the Honors College and Letters & Sciences conservation and environmental Sciences program, and a UWM Senator.

John Hess was WUWM's general manager 2020-2022.