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Local author covers notable activities in '100 Things to do in Wisconsin Before You Die'

Danelle Gay, author of "100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die."
Courtesy of Dannelle Gay
Danelle Gay, author of "100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die."

If you’re looking for new ways to experience Wisconsin, a local writer’s latest book covers just that. Dannelle Gay is the author of 100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die.

In her book, Gay details places to visit, like Heritage Hill in Green Bay, and festivals like Elmwood's UFO Days. It's an assortment of some of Wisconsin's finest things.

A former restaurant and caterer worker in Sun Prairie, Gay first entered the writing field during the pandemic when she had the idea to write a book with her friends about the different areas where they all lived. "We wrote a road trip book that hit the best seller list in the middle of a global pandemic when nobody was traveling," she says. "And then everybody started to notice us because more than 40% of our peers had quit. So, different publishers started reaching out."

With this project, Gay had a lot of activities to choose from and needed a process for narrowing the list down to only 100. Ultimately, she focused on writing a book with various activities that included options for different times of the year and people at various ages and phases of life.

She says, "We are so blessed in Wisconsin with all the different ethnic groups and the different industries. We have logging and mining and fishing, so many different things. It's amazing what you can actually learn here, but yet still have fun when you do it."

Information about Gay's book events can be found here.


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