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Br(OK)en Genius: Healing Milwaukee Through Art

Rachel Owens

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, the creator Br(OK)en Genius, writes in his project’s manifesto:

“As a 24 year old young black male, I technically have less than one year to beat or become a part of the 'dead or in jail' statistic….Only when what is broken comes to light can the broken heal.” 

Known by his artistic name as CMP, he drew on his own experience as “a child of the city of Milwaukee”: growing up in a single-parent home, with his young mother raising him with the help of his grandmother and aunt, while his father was a drug dealer, now finishing a four-year term in federal penitentiary.

Determined to break the chains of stereotypes, CMP conceived of an experience that blends the literary, performing, musical, and visual arts into an exhibition exploring the woes of harboring a genius potential in a broken vessel. That project is Br(OK)en Genius. 

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions and two collaborative members came by the WUWM studio to speak with Rachel Owens about Br(OK)en Genius and it's official debut at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center  on November 21st and 22nd.


Rachel joined WUWM as an announcer in January of 2014. Prior to coming to WUWM, Rachel worked for nearly six years at Wisconsin Public Radio and Television in a number of roles, including announcer/board operator, voice talent, producer, on-air producer, radio operations center technician and audience services representative.