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Bandsketball MKE: So You Can Play Music, But Can You Ball?

The finals for an exciting sporting event is coming to a head in Milwaukee this Friday: Bandsketball.

Conceived by local musicians Johanna Rose and Alex Heaton, Bandsketball MKE is a single elimination, 3-on-3 basketball tournament between 32 local bands in Milwaukee. The playoffs began in June, and since then the teams have been whittled-down to the final four. The championship round is part of Breadfest’s activities this Friday at 1pm, at the courts on Fratney and Center Streets in Riverwest.

Co-founders Johanna Rose and Alex Heaton popped by the WUWM studio to give Rachel Owens the lowdown on the tournament, and a final-four preview.

Rachel joined WUWM as an announcer in January of 2014. Prior to coming to WUWM, Rachel worked for nearly six years at Wisconsin Public Radio and Television in a number of roles, including announcer/board operator, voice talent, producer, on-air producer, radio operations center technician and audience services representative.