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Ex Fabula: Traveling

Kat Schleicher

Some of the best stories happen while on the road, so today Ex Fabula brings you two stories on the theme of traveling – both from Ex Fabula’sfirst season of StorySlams!

Credit Michele Kieweg
Anthony Umlauf on stage in 2010.

In February 2010, Anthony Umlauf took the stage at the then Bay View Brew Haus to share a “Now or Never” themed story. After a night on the town in Twin Lakes, Anthony and his new best friend Billy made the most logical decision they could … and decided to drive to Florida. Unfortunately, just a few hours from Florida, they were faced with a conundrum. “I spent 6 years in college and I never thought so hard in my life, “ he recalls.

Two months later, at Stonefly Brewery, the theme was “Stranger in a Strange Land.” For Cindy Grover, that land was beautiful Costa Rica where she visited her friend Colette. When Cindy was about to travel back to the northern part of the country to fly back to the U.S., Colette was worried, but Cindy joked, “If I can’t get on the bus, I’ll just hitchhike back.” Foreshadowing, much? In any case, Cindy did make it back to tell this story – the first of many she has shared over the years.

Ex Fabula’s 6th Season of StorySlams will kick off in October, and event venues and themes will be announced soon – first to Ex Fabula members and then to the general public. Anyone who attends a monthly Slam can put his or her name in the hat, which means that if you’re reading this, maybe your story will be featured some day.

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