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Ex Fabula: Holiday Stress

Art Montes

This week, Ex Fabula features two entertaining stories about the many reasons one feels and deals with stress throughout the holidays or sometimes the entire year.

Art Montes
Lauren Poppen up on stage.

In October 2010, Adam Carr took to our stage to make a Confession. Adam is a stress eater. He took us back to the days of his youth, a time when he claims he was “never stressed” mainly because he was always eating. Candy wrappers in his pockets and to-go containers in the trash, Adam shares how as grew older and slimmer, without his pocket full of chocolate, he also found himself much more stressed out.

Our second storyteller, Lauren Poppen regales us with tales of being the only single woman at family get-togethers and the barrage of questions and speculations that accompany so many single gals during the holidays. (We feel you, Lauren). While she spent many years puzzled by her relatives’ seemingly unnatural interest in her love life, Lauren eventually came to understand where the concern comes from.

As always, we thank our members, sponsors, listeners and volunteers for their continued support over the past year and wish all of you a very happy holiday season, however you may or may not celebrate. Tune in next week for our night before Christmas show about the art of re-gifting. Remember, we have the stage. You have the story. Let’s share.

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