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Ex Fabula: December Spectacular - Surprise/Sorpresa!

Art Montes

Credit Kathrine Schleicher
Lane Burns up on stage.

In honor of our December Spectacular, this week we’re looking back on a story about surprises and a story about language.

Earlier this year, Rob Harrington took the stage for our Bonus themed show. When Rob and his friend decided to take the ski trip of a lifetime, the 100-year storm and two foot drifts weren’t the only surprises they found upon arriving in France.

Our second story takes us way back to April of 2010 and our Stranger in a Strange Land show. When Lane Burns joined the Navy to pay for college she first traveled to Japan with the ROTC. She soon learned that in Japan, most people don’t speak English. When realizing she may be stranded in South Korea, Lane also learned that kindness knows no language.

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