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Ex Fabula: Deflated

Kat Schleicher

Well folks, this Sunday is a sad one for Wisconsin football fans. As we put our cheese heads away for another year, many wonder what they will do without Sundays to look forward to.

Credit Art Montes
Joey Grihalva up on-stage.

Have no fear, Ex Fabulahas the answer. Make 2015 the year YOU finally take the stage. You know, that story that’s a hit at all the parties--yeah, that one. We want to hear it. And we’ve got an upcoming workshop to help you perfect your presentation.

In honor of Sunday’s big game and the controversy that is “Deflate Gate,” this week’s show is all about being “deflated.” In January of 2010, Dylan Bolin took to the stage for our “Busted” event and shared the humbling (rumbling) reason he can no longer sleep on planes. His story is a real gas.

Our second story comes from long-time Brett Favre fan, Joey Grihalva. Joey took to the stage in 2013 for our “Green” show. Decked out in his Number 4 jersey, Joey tells a tale of a long-time sibling rivalry, a guest appearance by 4 and the events that led to his younger brother’s face in The New York Times.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our February 18th Story Slam. We have the Stage. You have the Story. Let’s share.

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