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Ex Fabula: New Experiences

Kat Schleicher

  Here we are in the second week of January. According to studies, 75% of New Year resolutions last through the first week of January.

But what about the second week? How are you doing with those New Year goals? In the spirit of the New Year and trying something new, this week’s storytellers are all about the thrill of stepping out of ones comfort zone in search of a new and story-worthy experience.

Credit Kat Schleicher
Amie Losi up on-stage sharing a story.

This week, we are featuring Sisters Stephanie Pyfer and Laura Halfmann, who decided that they needed to embark on an epic adventure in order to have a story for Ex Fabula’sEpic Fail All Stars. Listen as these ladies take you through their foray into the world of Exotic Movement Technicians, or in layman terms, stripping.

Our next story comes from Amie Losi. Amie liked to play things safe, she stayed between the lines and enjoyed her comfort zone. However, when she was cast as a female Godzilla in Milwaukee’s Combat Theater, Amie’s drive for perfection veered far off course. Terrified of looking silly and on the brink of a breakdown, a friend pulled her aside and gave her some life changing advice; “You have absolute permission to fail. But you have to try.”

You have to try. This is the motto that gets most first time storyteller onto the Ex Fabula stage. Lucky for you, we have a storytelling workshop coming up that can help you craft that first Ex Fabula story. Sign up today and take the spotlight in 2015. We have the stage. You have the story. Let’s share.

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